Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs have been used for centuries. Native cultures all over the world have traditionally used herbs to maintain health and treat illnesses. Many people refer to this type of treatment as “new age”, but it is actually the “old age” method of treatment. Herbal treatments can treat all ailments that are treated with conventional, western medicine. Herbs can also be helpful in reducing the pets reliance on medication.

Are Chinese herbs safe?

We use only the best quality of herbs free of heavy metals and contaminants. We only use Chinese herbal formulas developed specifically for pets, therefore adverse reactions are extremely rare and are negligible when compared to those commonly produced by pharmaceutical drugs. Sometimes the pet may develop mild loose stools when given herbal medicines, this is rapidly corrected by reducing the dose.

Can I buy the herbal formula on the internet or at a health food store?

No, the herbal formulas we use in our practice are sold only to licensed veterinarians with training in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What can Chinese herbs treat?

Chinese Medicine can treat the same conditions as Western Medicine except for surgical conditions. The results that can be expected and the length of treatment required will depend on the severity of the disease, its duration and the general health of the patient. Chinese Herbal Medicine is mostly known in the west for its effects on:

  • Pain management – Arthritis
  • Skin disease
  • Reproduction
  • Digestive problems
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Allergies
  • Disorders of the immune system


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